Sunday, June 14, 2015

Easy DNA
It's been a while since I posted here on my blog, but I have something exciting to tell you!

In November 2014, I sent a AncestryDNA kits to my daughter-in-law's mother in Virginia.  Peggy was excited and eager to find out if her results would show the Native American ethnicity that she was always told existed in her family.  Peggy did her saliva test and maiedl it in to the lab in the postage paid envelope provided.

A few weeks later the test results were in!  Yes, Peggy's results DID show a percentage of Native American ethnicity!  I excitedly sent them invitations to view her results.  They were both able to see the the ethnicity break down and the pages and pages of possible cousin matches.

Here's the most exciting part.  A couple weeks after receiving the test results, I had a message on my cell phone from Peggy.  She had been telling her friends about her DNA results and now at least six other people were questioning her daily to find out how they could ALSO have an experience like Peggy's.  I explained that the test came from AncestryDNA and they didn't need my help to get their results.  Peggy responded with "But you made it so EASY!  The test came, I did it and mailed it in, and a little while later, you sent me my results!"  THAT is what her friends wanted.  They wanted it to be EASY.  Then the light bulb came on...I can DO "EASY"!

So ladies and it is the "Easy" DNA Admin Service!  For the cost of the autosomal AncestryDNA ($99) and my admin fee ($35), you too may have Peggy's EASY experience!

*Native American ethnicity results are NOT guaranteed.