Monday, October 29, 2012

My Ancestry DNA Invitation

At long last, my invitation to try Ancestry DNA has finally arrived!  I have to admit, I was greatly dismayed by the fact that I have been an member for over 13 years and had to wait until they sent out the invitations to the general public.  I guess in my case, membership does not have it's privileges!

I'm not sure what criteria was used in the invitation process.  If it was alphabetical, that explains it, as I am a "W".  If it was based on the easy of breaking "brick walls", that too would explain it, as I have been beating my head against my brick walls for over 20 years.  If it was based on the least amount of family trees on, I have 50, which would be better described as a forest.

Whatever the reason, I am just glad that I have placed my order for my test kit and soon I hope to connect with new cousins and break down some walls. 

If you have Davisson, Hendricks, Hedrick, Carroll, Madison, Wilkinson, Stout, Berger, Roberts, Sparkman, Dodson, Harmon ancestors, I would like to encourage you to test with Ancestry DNA.  We could be cousins!