Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Migration from Florida to Utah

Ernest C. Davisson Family
A lot has happened since my last post...

In May, I attended the NGS 2011 Family History Conference in Charleston, South Carolina with my good friend Rhonda.  I truly enjoyed all the sessions...Elizabeth Shown Mills...Thomas Jones and ALL the vendors!  I can't describe the feeling of walking into the conference hall and being in the presence of so many genealogically obsessed people like me!  I felt like I belonged.

In June, my dear husband found a new job...in Salt Lake City! (The sky opened up and angels were singing!) See...miracles DO happen.

In July, we moved from Florida to Utah, sadly leaving our family behind.

On August 19th & 20th, with the unpacking almost done, I took a break to attend the 2011 Utah Genealogical Association Summer Family History Conference in Sandy, Utah at the Salt Lake Community College...two days of fabulous speakers presenting informative classes on my favorite subject!  At the end on the conference, the vendors and organizers gave away many prizes, including two computers!  It was a really great value for only $20. 

I have to give special kudos to Leland Meitzler, who's class on  State Censuses and Census Substitution was so rudely interrupted by a computer glitch!  But Leland, being the professional that he is, maintained his composure and continued on to enlighten us with his vast knowledge of the subject.

Now that I have relocated my Ancestors to a DIFFERENT Attic, it is time for me to begin my job search.  I am hoping that since I am now located at "ground zero" for genealogical research, I will be able to put my passion for genealogy to good use.  I love nothing more than solving a puzzle or finding the missing link and now I am in the perfect place to do just that.